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for questions. you can go to to view law video of the arrests. >>> san francisco police say they've made an arrest increase with a fatal shooting this past weekend. it happened just after midnight yesterday near napes. police say 43-year-old daniel cologne and his cousin were walk home from a bar when someone opened fire. they've arrested 32-year-old seth mires of san francisco. >>> new at 7, the america's cup and san francisco won't just be about failing. they're building an amphitheaters for an america's cup concert series. live at the site to explain how the venue will be used and the big name singer coming to town. >> reporter: that's right. the amphitheater will be here between pierce 27 and 29. you can see they will have america's cup billboards up here. today we got a look behind the fence at the venue's construction site. a facility that will become a viewing and media area during the cup races this summer. crews also are preparing to start work now on the adjacent lot where a 9000 pavilion will be built. the temporary amphitheater will be used for concert, educational sh
and hard-fought fight. in washington, emily schmidt, k.t.v.u., channel 2 news. >>> other executive orders issued by the president deal with mental health, including making sure doctors know they can ask patients about guns in their homes. clarifying medicaid's mental health service provisions, and telling healthcare providers they can report threats of violence. >>> gun control is a divisive issue. we asked people in martinez and pleasant hill what they thought of the president's plan. some were at the martinez gun club. others in downtown pleasant hill. some were gun owners, some were not. now remember, this an unscientific sampling of opinion. >> i think most of what he says is probably right. i think that the ban on the magazines greater than 10 is just fine. >> it almost wouldn't even be so bad to see a -- like a mental health like checkup, one time you saw a psychiatrist something to see if you were fit. >> everyone we talked with agrees that gun buyers should go through background checks and it's challenging to keep guns away from the mentally ill. k.t.v.u. viewers are weighing in o
armstrong a second chance given all the carnage along the way. ktvu channel 2 news. >> a high surf advisory is in effect for the entire bay area coast. waves could be as high as 8 feet to 10 feet this weekend. it just takes one rogue wave with strong rip currents and cold water to spell disaster. new years day a richmonday man was swept to his death when he tried to rescue his dog. >> people walking dogs on beaches. people walking with their children. you just can't let your guard down. >> the high surf advisory is in effect until sunday afternoon. much biggerwaves are expected to bring excitement to the coast. they're on their way for the maverick surf contest. many flying in tonight. they're ready for danger with rescue boats and jet kiss on stand by. >> the energy in the swell is going to be ferocious and we're going to see these guys put to the test. training, experience, wave knowledge, and ability. >> the county sheriff's department says the plan is to keep spectators away from the water. the beach where spectators were knocked down in 2010 is off limits. >> he's urging the city to hi
of the people here are immunizeo compromised. >> they may schedule 1 more tonight. >>> now can you go to to view a flu shot map. you'll find it under our hot topics section. >>> a san jose mother is recanting her kidnapping story. >> when somebody's lying t kind , it kind of dupes all of us. >> on tuesday a woman told police a man tried to wrestle her 3-year-old daughter from her arms. officers released this sketch based on the mother's description. but when they reinterviewed the mort, she admitted making up the story. the da is considering charging her with a crime. >>> at ao's story just gets more twisted. >>> a high profile home invasion and murder case has taken a new turn with report the defendants are related to an oakland gang. the san francisco chronicle said the victim allegedly passed on information about kumra's mansion. the game hatched the home invasion plan. 3 men charged with murder. dixon is an excessery. >> a pursuit ended in a crash just after 5 this afternoon. deputies say they tried to stop a car from reckless driving but called off when the suspect went on city
on that at 10:00 and we're always here at tmz is next here on tv 36.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5